Geoffrey Sas

Geoffrey Sas born in Belgium where he discovered at an early age his passion for the fashion industry. He decides to study Stylism & Modelism and obtained a diploma in Fashion Design with honours. Afterwards, he pursued his training in consulting for private clients and creating a capsule collection.

He worked for kidswear brand and gained experience and confidence enough to take the next step. London! This cosmopolitan and vibrant city couldn’t have been a better place to pursue his dream.

GEOFFREY SAS is for the moment a handbag brand but nothing will take him apart from dreaming even bigger and creating his clothing line in the future.

GEOFFREY SAS is a British brand, created and produced in London where creativity, elegance and boldness are perfectly blended.

The purpose is to create handbags for each moment or occasions by not only thinking about the design but also about the comfort of using a bag.

When a woman uses a GEOFFREY SAS handbag, she feels unique, beautiful and can express herself in the best way and style.

Quality and environment are in the heart of the brand, this is why the fabrics are meticulously chosen and the tailoring neatly made.

Soon, the brand will continually improve its impact and upgrade the product by choosing even more sustainable fabrics to gradually reach a clean production.

On July 1st, Geoffrey Sas will be launching his first summer collection "MY VERY FIRST"

Our Company Values.

- We value the people working with us and want them back at the centre of our interest rather than profits. We firmly believe that employees should be treated with respect and consideration as human beings, rather than replaceable machines to make money. Working in a good atmosphere with achievable goals and reasonable deadlines are valued to ensure the right pace at work.

- We choose to limit the ecological footprint by choosing the least pollutant material possible. By recycling fabrics as we already do with the linings that come from advertising hoarding and from which we have recovered the reusable part.